Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands on approach to release tension patterns deep in the body. It is a soft touch on clothed clients that can relieve new and chronic dysfunction in the body. This approach can help rid the body of restrictions in the whole system and improve function in the nervous system.


A blend of swedish massage with long flowing strokes along with myofacial release, craniosacral, and trigger point therapy are used in an intuitive way. Blending these techniques can relieve muscle and connective tissue discomfort as well as calm your nervous systems.



Intraoral massage is a type of massage where I work inside the mouth with gloved hands in order to help with TMJ pain, neck pain, headaches, and teeth grinding or clenching.


Massage Oil


Scented Ayurvedic massage oil is used in every massage unless otherwise discussed. Arnica infused massage cream or an unscented oil is available upon request. Also, you always have the option to add the CBD* enhancement. 

*additional charge


 Sound is such a healing vibe. Each massage is catered to your needs. An intuitive  selection of music is incorporated into each massage. 



Scent can set the right mood for you. An intuitive selection of  essential oils are selected to be diffused during your massage based on your needs for the treatment.

About Kimberley

Experienced Knowledge

Having trained in a variety of modalities, I blend all of these into my own style of massage that is both deeply relaxing and therapeutic.  I am always taking new classes in order to grow as a therapist. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2013, Intraoral endorsed since 2016,  and a certified craniosacral therapist since 2017.

Currently Learning


Some of the latest classes that I have taken or are about to take are:

September 2019- Advanced Craniosacral on the Diaphragm and surrounding structures, 

January-December 2020- Energy Healing course.

January 2020- Advanced Craniosacral on the Occipital Triad.

Things I Am Passionate About

Outside of massage some of my passions are running on Lake Washington,  reading both fiction and non-fiction especially history and science, enjoying the company of animals of all varieties, and gardening.